Sustainable Development
HR Policy
As part of the HR policy, Embamunaigas JSC strives to ensure correlation between strategic goals of the Company and areas of development and personnel recruitment in order to increase stability and reliability of the Company’s business model.
as of January 1, 2020
As part of the  HR management and remuneration functional strategy adopted as part of the  Development Concept until 2027 of Embamunaigas  JSC approved by the  Board of Directors, the main goal of the HR Department is to provide the Company with a sufficient number of qualified personnel motivated to achieve the strategic goals through high-quality training and development of employees, search for and implementation of the  cutting-edge advanced management tools and methods, strengthening monitoring of executive discipline and ensuring social support for workers.
HR management processes include the following key areas:
  • Developing recruitment procedures;
  • Improving personnel training system;
  • Youth outreaching;
  • Developing talent pool management system;
  • Effective headcount and personnel costs management;
  • HR administration and time tracking.
As of January  1, 2020, the  actual number of the Company was 4,928 people. Staff turnover in 2018 was 2.9 %. In order to optimize expenses, the  Company is working to reduce and outsource full-time non-core low-skilled jobs which explains staff optimization during recent years.

Staff Structure as of January 1, 2020

Category Actual number including
men women engineers workers
TOTAL 4,928 4,063 865 1,489 3,439
Administrative and
management staff
310 193 117 310 0
Managers 65 56 9 65
Specialists 245 137 108 245
Production staff 4,618 3,870 748 1,179 3,439
Managers 236 203 33 236
Specialists 943 668 275 943
Workers 3,439 2,999 440 3,439

Embamunaigas  JSC implements a program of early retirement from the age of 58 for employees, who have worked most of their life under the harsh conditions of the  oil industry and have health issues.

Over decades, Embamunaigas  JSC established strong traditions and continuity of generations. Labor dynasties are the basis of the Company’s stable long-term development.

Today, Embamunaigas employs members of more than twenty family dynasties, with three or more generations, who have connected their lives with the difficult job of an oil worker.

The total length of service of some of them exceeds 200 years. They are the dynasties of the Zhylkyshiyevs, the Kurmankulovs, the Torekhanovs, the Saliyevs, the Kulbaliyevs, the Bekmurziyevs, the Ondashevs, the  Beshimovs, the  Korbebayevs, the  Ualiyevs, the Bissenbayevs, the Zhakashevs, the Aidabekovs, the  Raimbergenovs, the Bazhbenovs, the Kanatbayevs, the Zhanaissovs, the MangistauovsYerzhangaliyevs, the  Balgimbayevs and the Balzhanovs.

Headcount, people
Staff turnover, %

HR Policy

Length of service in the Company as
of December 31, 2019, people
149 less than 1 year
253 1-3 years
143 4-5 years
624 6-10 years
867 11-15 years
686 16-20 years
2206 more than 20 yearsт
2 206
Length of service in oil and gas industry
as of December 31, 2019, people
301 Managers
1188 Specialists and officials
3439 Workers
Staff structure by categories
as of December 31, 2019, people
50 under 20 y.o.
116 21-25 y.o.
283 26-30 y.o.
562 31-35 y.o.
694 36-40 y.o.
841 41-45 y.o.
846 46-50 y.o.
906 51-55 y.o.
576 56-60 y.o.
102 сolder than 60 y.o.
Staff structure by age
as of December 31, 2019, people

Personnel Training and Development

In order to meet the  needs of the  Company in highly qualified managerial, administrative and production personnel, Embamunaigas  JSC conducts employee training, ensures continuous development of the  employees’ potential, and retention of highly qualified employees. The  Company creates a system of acquisition and improvement of knowledge and skills of employees and their effective use in regular activities.

The  Company provides the  following types of training:

  • 1) technical disciplines;
  • 2) financial and economic disciplines;
  • 3) language learning;
  • 4) general disciplines;
  • 5) master’s, specialized and modular programs;
  • 6) techniques and skills used in the workplace;
  • 7) safety, health and environment;

The  Company provides short-term courses and on-the-job training, internships in other structural units of the  Company or in other companies, distance learning is applied using the  Internet and/or other types of communication. Besides that, we also ensure participation in conferences, round tables, forums, workshops, congresses, and exhibitions. This contributes to extending expertise and outlook broadening, familiarizing with the  latest achievements and technologies, new approaches and ideas, successful experience and developments of other companies, and also helps to establish fruitful partnerships.

In 2019, 4,622 employees passed compulsory safety training, 504 employees passed well-kill safety training, 798 employees passed training in bluecollar jobs, 1,663 employees passed training on technical seminars, business trainings, seminars for financiers, etc., including 10 employees  – training in EMBA/MBA programs.

Modular Training Arrangement

In order to train and develop middle managers, modular programs were developed, which included training in planning and improving production processes, management skills training. After completion of the  program, the  students presented their projects to improve production processes.

Over the period from 2015 to 2019, more than 350 employees from among the heads of the main workshops, site foremen, geologists, and safety engineers took part in the  modular training programs. In 2019, 70 employees passed modular training in developing communication skills.

As part of an effective system for developing qualifications and personal qualities of employees, we have assessed managing directors, department directors, deputies, heads of services according to the  test scenario and personal questionnaire. The total of 60 managers took part in the  assessment. Following the  assessment, recommendations and report on the test scenario and personality questionnaire were prepared, training plan for key positions was developed.

In 2019, modular training was arranged under the  Effective Manager program for department directors, their deputies and service managers.

Social Policy

Summary on the work performed by the Women’s club “Munayshy Kyz” (“Girl-Oiler”) for 2019.

Kyz 2019

On the  8th of March  2018, on the  eve of the International Women’s Day, the Women’s club “Munayshy Kyz” has been established in JointStock Company Embamunaigas.

The  purpose of the  Women’s club “Munayshy Kyz” creation is to give the possibility for the full development of Emba inhabitants, women-oilers, to provide them with the psychological, medical and legal advice according to their needs. In this regard, in all the  departments of the  company the club members regularly carry out the training, workshops and other public events with educational meaning. Below are briefly presented some of events organized by this club members and which have had the positive effect.

In March  2019, in honor of the  Women’s club “Munayshy Kyz” creation anniversary, was carried out the  Mobile Meeting of the  Energetic club KAZENERGY on the  topic “Role of women in the Oil-gas industry”. The active girls and women who work in the Electric power branch of the Oiland-Gas industry of our country, participated in
this Mobile Meeting, conducted with the  aim of the experience sharing in the field of gender politics development in the oil and gas companies. The main point of the agenda was the joint work revival. The advanced enterprises of our country, in particular, KAZENERGY Association, Khalyk Bank, Tengizchevroil, NCOC, Atyrau Oil refinery, “Karazhanbasmunai”, “Mangystaumunaigaz”, “Kazgermunai”, Atyrau Regional Association of Business women, Atyrau Regional Akimat and the delegations from other enterprises took part in the Forum. In the course of the Forum were raised and widely debated the questions of the family values revival, education of the new generations. One may state that, the  Forum, in fact, turned into the  open dialogue arena where the  true debates started. The  practical advice, necessary for the full development of the human personality, combination of the  labor and family unity on the way toward the family prosperity preservation of the women-oilers, who make to date near 20 percent of the crew, was expressed.

One more event, organized by the club “Munayshy Kyz”, is the  large-scale interview with writer Zeynep Akhmetova, who widely promulgates among the  general public the  path of life of the valiant son of the Kazakh people, Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, and who popularizes the customs and traditions of Kazakhs. In the basis of the meeting conducted by the  crew of six departments of the  Company, were the  frank talks concerning the questions of the national ideology, education of the  generations, interrelation of the  spouses and others. The writer tried to answer at the most openly and constructively to the  questions of the  women-oilers. Also was raised the  subject of the  women-oilers activity increasing in our society, job ladder promotion of the  talented and educated girls due to their productive labor, conception of the responsible generation out of the successful women by means of the women activity increasing in the private life and social life and many-many other things.

Alongside with that, it should be specifically mentioned the  carrying out within the  Emba enterprise territory, of the  events dedicated to the 80-year jubilee of poetess Fariza Ongarsynova, the  celebrated “Kazakh poetry Tsarina”. When the event in the honor of the poetess memory, may be said, that the Emba employees rised to the  occasion. Seeing the  completely different nature of the oilers, Emba enterprise employees, that they could show at this event, we once again became convinced that there were a lot of the  talented people in the  Emba enterprise. The event winners, distinguished by their talent, were given the  opportunity to attend the  play “Fariza” performed in Moscow with the support of the  RK Embassy. This will undoubtedly give the  special breakthrough to the  labor of our specialists who constantly work in the  field conditions.

Embamunaigas will continue to give support to the  Women’s club “Munayshy Kyz” activity at the  appropriate level. Suporting the  womenoilers, the  Company makes its contribution, however insignificant, to the  generations education and family values preservation, because the responsible generation could be conceived only from the successful woman. And the responsible generation is the future of our country. The family prosperity entails the productive labor. This must not be forgotten.